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Case Results

The commanding presence of Steven E. North in achieving optimal results is demonstrated by verdicts and settlements on behalf of his clients. Below are some of the cases handled by the law firm.

  • $26 Million Obstetrical Malpractice - Jury Verdict. Co-Counsel. Baby suffered brain damage as a result of improperly managed delivery.
  • $15.7 Million Vascular Surgery Malpractice - Jury Verdict. Woman lost her leg due to failure to properly treat arterial obstruction. Patient claimed timely bypass could have saved leg.
  • $14.8 Million Cardiology Malpractice - Jury Verdict. Man suffered a stroke as a result of improper medical treatment for a heart condition. Wife awarded $5.5 Million (included in the $14.8 award) for loss of services.
  • $9.5 Million Automobile Accident - Jury Verdict. Man suffered back injury as a result of multi-car collision.
  • $8.1 Million Products Liability - Negotiated Settlement. Garage worker struck in head by exploding hydraulic system.
  • $5.15 Million Medical Malpractice - Negotiated Settlement. Surgeon's unneeded cut had fatal results.
  • $4.4 Million Cardiology Malpractice - Negotiated Settlement. Man died as a result of a heart attack due to the fault of the hospital and doctors.
  • $4.4 Million Pediatric Malpractice - Negotiated Settlement. Child suffered brain injury.
  • $4.2 Million Automobile Accident - Jury Verdict. Man suffered spinal injury when struck by an oncoming car.
  • $3.5 Million Genetic and Pediatric Malpractice - Negotiated Settlement. Child suffered brain injury as the result of improperly managed metabolic disorder.
  • $3.2 Million Pediatric Malpractice - Jury Verdict. Failure to properly treat hip infection in child.
  • $3 Million Wrongful Death - Settled at trial. Failure to properly treat and diagnose severe thyroid dysfunction.
  • $2.5 Million Ophthalmologic Malpractice - Negotiated Settlement. Improperly managed eye condition led to blindness.
  • $1.9 Million Wrongful Death - Negotiated Settlement. Failure to diagnose and treat fractured cervical vertebrae resulting in spinal cord compression and death.
  • $1.8 Million Hospital Negligence - Negotiated Settlement. Artist suffered brain damage due to improperly administered medications.
  • $1.175 Million Wrongful Death - Jury Verdict. Abdominal surgery wrongful death. Improperly tying off duct in woman's gall bladder.
  • $1.7 Million Cardiology Malpractice - Jury Verdict. Man died due to failure to properly diagnose and manage heart condition.
  • $1.3 Million Wrongful Death - Negotiated Settlement. Death of patient after removal of respiratory tube.
  • $1.250 Million Obstetrical Malpractice - Negotiated Settlement. Baby suffered Erb's Palsy at delivery.
  • $950 Thousand Gynecological Malpractice - Negotiated Settlement. Failed to timely diagnose breast cancer.
  • $900 Thousand Orthopedic Malpractice - Negotiated Settlement. Improperly performed surgery with hardware failure.
  • $900 Thousand Cosmetic Surgery Malpractice - Jury Verdict. During liposuction of abdomen, surgeon perforated colon in 9 different places. "Plastic Surgery's Ugly Secret", 1998, August 17, Daily News.
  • $850 Thousand Urological Malpractice - Negotiated Settlement. Failure to timely diagnose bladder cancer.
  • $750 Thousand Medical Malpractice Involving Wrongful Death - Jury Verdict. Wrongful death of cancer patient. Incorrectly inserted catheter resulting in agonizing death.
  • $500 Thousand Hospital Negligence - Negotiated Settlement. Woman suffered injury from improperly placed catheter.

"Past Results Do Not Guarantee a Similar Outcome"

Steve at discussion

Steven E. North lecturing to New York State Trial Lawyers Association, 2011

Medical Malpractice Cases

Wrongful Death - Misdiagnosis of Cancer - Failure to Properly Treat Stroke - Failure to Properly Treat Infection - Failure to Recognize and Treat Heart Condition - Neurosurgical Errors - Anesthesia Errors - Hospital Negligence -- Nursing Home Care - Medication Errors - Brain Damage - Erb's Palsy - Surgical Errors - Ophthalmologic Errors - Urological Errors - Spinal Injuries - Obstetrical & Gynecological Negligence - Burns - Paralysis - Loss of Limbs - Vascular Surgery - Thoracic Surgery - Bariatric Surgery - Multi-Million Dollar personal Injury

Other Areas Of Medical Malpractice:

emergency medicine; rheumatology; cardiology; pediatrics; dentistry; radiology; neurology; pharmacology; oncology; pathology; psychiatry; gastroenterology; general medicine; pulmonology; hepatology; nephrology; critical care.

Other Personal Injury Cases

Motor Vehicle Accidents; Product Liability; Premises Liability; Municipal Liability.