Medical Malpractice Articles
Date PublishedTitle
January 2021Birth-Related Brain Damage in Newborns
November 2020Patient Choices Can Affect the Outcome of a Medical Malpractice Suit
September 2020Breasts, Lemons, and Medical Malpractice
January 2020When does the PSA controversy lead to medical malpractice claims?
November 2019You may be a witness to your own medical malpractice case
September 2019CMV more devastating than ZIKA to fetuses
July 2019“It’s for You, Honey. The Doctor is Ready to See You.”
May 2019To Cure or to Manage Prostate Cancer; a Good Question
March 2019A Mother’s Death During Childbirth Does Not Always Signal Medical Malpractice
January 2019Patient Care Does Not Improve When Hospitals Buy Private Practices
November 2018Timely Cardiologist Care. In the ER, put your heart in the care of a cardiologist
September 2018Proving Pain and Suffering in a Negligence Case
July 2018Insurer Anthem Will No Longer Cover Anesthesia for Cataract Surgery. A Dangerous Move?
March 2018Protecting Young Athletes’ Eyes
January 2018Missed diagnosis is a portal to a medical malpractice suit
November 2017Medical Devices Can Sometimes Result in Loss of Life
September 2017When the Prognosis is Dire . . .
July 2017Failure to Perform PSA Testing Could Lead to Medical Malpractice Claims
May 2017Medical malpractice claims involving delayed diagnosis of cancer
March 2017The Laundry – Hospital’s Dirty Truth
January 2017Diagnosis By Computer: An Invitation To Medical Malpractice
November 2016Morcellation Surgery Causing Cancer Spread: Informed Consent And Medical Malpractice
September 2016The Electronic Doctor: Advances in Telemedicine
July 2016The “Not Quite Doctor” Dilemma
May 2016To do or not to do – the Mammogram
March 2016Is it Medical Malpractice to Perform a Breech Birth Vaginal Delivery Instead of a Cesarean Section?
January 2016Gun Laws and Medical Malpractice?
November 2015Was Joan Rivers the victim of Medical Malpractice?
September 2015Pregnant & Heavy: Medical Malpractice Risk?
July 2015Propofol – A Killer?
May 2015The Simple Question: Are you Allergic to any Medications?
March 2015To Settle or Trial, That is the Question
January 2015Case Management Multi-Million Dollar Personal Injury Case