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Home Sweet Emergency Room, an Alternative Approach that Could Lead to Malpractice Claims

Some say the most dangerous place to be when you are sick is the hospital. One reason is that despite the best efforts by hospital management to stem the spread of bacterial infection with careful protocols, there are super bugs that resist eradication and spread easily.

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Hospital Malpractice – Heart Attack In The Hospital Setting – Often Mismanaged

A heart attack, also known as a myocardial infarction, occurs when there is a sudden blockage in the flow of oxygen-rich blood to muscles of the heart. Disruptions may be caused by fat or cholesterol build-up on the lining of the arteries leading to the heart. Without the required oxygen necessary for the survival of the heart muscle, the organ begins to die. The cascading effect of this process is that the weakened heart cannot deliver an adequate supply of blood to vital organs such as the brain and kidneys and those organs then become impaired. Depending on the severity of the attack, the heart may heal in a few weeks or may be permanently damaged or, the patient may die.

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The Laundry – Hospital’s Dirty Truth

When one thinks of contracting a deadly infection in a hospital bed sheets would not ordinarily come to mind. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention released figures in April, 2014 that estimate that 75,000 patients die each year from infections they pick up at health care facilities. Surprisingly, some of those infections come from the improper handling of hospital linens.

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