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Special Considerations Handling Multi-million Dollar Personal Injury Case

Steven E. North, Esq.


Years ago' when lecturing to young lawyers' I reflected that any trial lawyer can win a million dollar case - all that has to be done is to undertake a multi-million dollar case and screw it up. And that is not so hard to do. Even worse' the lawyer may never appreciate that his inexperience or lack of ability has deprived the client of a much more enhanced recover.

There is vast difference in the skill required to manage a high value case compared to the majority of personal injury cases that wend their way through the court system.

In the course of their careers' few lawyers are entrusted with managing cases where millions of dollars and their clients' lifetime wellbeing are at stake. The outcome of a major law suit can be a life changing event to a plaintiff or' on the other hand significantly disrupt the financial health of an institution. The management of such cases should be undertaken only by those attorneys who are sufficiently skilled to handle this awesome responsibility.

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Choosing The Right Law Firm

It should be apparent from this article that the experience' skill' financial wellbeing' reputation and sophistication of the law firm handling a case are critical factors in obtaining a maximum recovery. The items to look for in selecting a law firm is its experience' track record and client satisfaction. Reported case results and client testimonials should be reviewed. Comments reflecting upon the lawyers' integrity' reputation are important considerations. The attorneys experience in effectively negotiating cases and dealing with the defendant insurance company' their representatives and adverse counsel are to be considered.

The choice of a law firm is a very personal one. A meeting with the lawyer is the final element in making the ultimate selection. By using good common sense and lifelong experience in evaluating people as to their sincerity' integrity' ability and personality' the selection of a lawyer is not a daunting process.

The physical condition of the law office itself and the harmony of the workers can be an indication of the style and quality of the firm. A strong working relationship between the client and attorney' leads to the most successful outcome. If having done all the preliminary research and then meeting with the lawyer' the clients feel confident that they are in good hands then the decision should be apparent.